About No.1

“This limestone cottage was built in 1856 by a newly arrived stonemason and his wife, in the days when Port Fairy was called Belfast and one of the biggest ports in the country. In the living room with its fireplace and exposed limestone rubble walls, there’s a picture of the stonemason, Benjamin Bowyer, his sideburns and flinty gaze speaking of the harder, colder but perhaps more intensely lived times.

“Down the hall are four small rooms… all have the same pull of the past, without being twee or kitch.

“[There] is a delicious feeling of the way others lived before us. In the visitor’s book amid high praise for the place, some regret the absence of a ghost. A typical entry: “It was midnight. All was quiet. Suddenly Janet heard knocking. ‘Come in’ she called, ever hopeful. No response. Who was it?” The Bowyers? … somehow their presence has remained.*”*

James Button “The Age” Oct 2000

James Button visited us  on behalf of “The Age” newspaper in 2000 which we were unaware of until this appeared in print.  We were delighted to read that he had grasped how we feel about this cottage and  had expressed it so clearly so we continue to reproduce his words knowing we could say it no better.

Can’t remember the last time we walked into our accommodation and said “Wow!’ Brilliant character and the little touches. Don’t change a thing.”    M&R – Wanganui NZ     Nov 07